This page explains why you should make a booking with Camouflage Paintball. We want the best possible experience for all customers.
We expose the hidden extras and tell you the information that some companies want to hide.
We have clear pricing and give you the advice that you need, to be sure that you are making an informed decision on where to play and how to get the best value for money.

Genuine Infrastructure

We are a real paintball company with real paintball sites- not a smoky booking office pretending. These operations can misinform their customers about the facilitis, start times, directions,disclaimer forms and the actual days the paintball sites are open! Examples of booking agencies are Go Ballistic, UK Paintball, Bedlam Matrix, Nationwide Paintball, etc.

How many paintballs do you need?

Some companies lead you to beleive that you can play a paintball day with 100 paintballs.
The truth is you will need a minimum of 300 paintballs for 3 games (half day) to have fun. At Camouflage Paintball we are upfront about this and explain to customers how many paintballs they will need.

Bait and switch

Some companies suggest that you can play paintball for £6.00 or £3.49 a day. This is a trick, and when you go to the paintball site to play paintball, you discover that there are no paintballs included ... Paintballs will be available - but at extra cost - an unexpected and unbudgeted expense - an old fashioned con.

Promotional Paint

Some companies have a promotional deal which includes 100 paintballs, however when you read the fine print, the 100 paintballs are only given out at the very end of the day, which that you have to purchase extra paintballs throughout the day, to get you to the point when you can collect the promotional offer.

Premium Phone Charges

Some companies have premium rate phone numbers and charge you for telephone calls when making a booking.

Credit Card Charges

You will find that some companies charge for using credit cards. At Camouflage Paintball we have no charges for using cards over the phone, online or on site.

Local Advertising

We only advertise in your local area. If you search “Paintball Bournemouth” with Google and you see an advert for a paintball site in Reading, then clearly you are unlikely to travel. We make sure you only see the relevant adverts to your search area, saving your valuable time and efforts.